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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mr. Fiend and the Cramps

Were the Cramps gothic? 
Though their image had strong elements of that genre, none can give a positive answer to that question. Their music came down to american rock 'n' roll and blues music on the trash side.
As Mick Mercer put's it in his mighty "Gothic Rock Black Book" in 1988, "... it was all rock'n' roll to them"! Still we love them a lot...
So did Mr. Nik Fiend if we are to judge from the back cover of the "Dead and Buried" 12" in  1984.
If you note at his photo on the bottom right you 'll see he's wearing a Cramps t-Shirt . 
The original image of the T was taken from a promo poster for the Cramps 1980 LP "Songs the Lord Taught us".
(See detail below)

Oh yes, to illustrate this just listen how he sings "Boneshaker baby".
Lux must have made a bit impression on the man...


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