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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Asylum (Less known bands)

Since we mentioned New Model Army...
Asylum was a band from Reading, UK. They formed ca. 1988 and released 2 albums. Just before the 3rd entitled "Vent", they split.
Their 1rst  LP "Suckling the Mutant Mother" - 1991, was a very promising start produced by former New Model Army drummer Robb Heaton, who passed in 2004 due to cancer...
Their second LP "Into the Web" - 1992, without being bad, leaned too much towards metal
but I think is worth listening too... 
Their former guitarist Dave Blomberg joined N.M. Army in 1993 and stayed for 12 years.
His playing can be heard on NMA's following studio LPs:
"Strange Brotherhood" (1997), "Eight" (2000), "Lost Songs"(2002), "Carnival" (2005)

Here's a pic of the band and their 2 LPs front sleeves.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to find "Suckling the Mutant Mother" on Amazon. I have had their Deeper and Deeper track in my car for years since it was featured in "Touched By The Hand of Goth Volume 1" from way back in 1995 [it was a compilation cd from a 4 volume serious, I have the full set and have always thought the first was the best of the 4].

    But the rest of their discography appears to be unavailable right now unless you can find a used copy floating around somewhere. I was hoping Amazon would have the rest since the first release was added to Amazon's digital downloads service just two years ago. Their myspace has a few tracks for streaming but the account appears to be inactive for some time and they never setup to sell tracks through myspace. According to discogs they also had a 7" single in '92.

  2. Thanks for the useful comment!


  3. I have a cassette dated 1989 called Suckling the Mutant Mother with a different cover to the one pictured above. The Tracklisting is as follows:Side1:System Overload, Celestial Mutator.Side2:Deeper & deeper, Blood of your innocence.