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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The way they use to promote stuff...(Play Dead)

At the time gothic rock flourished back in the early 80's, there was of course no internet and thus no fuckin' FB and the lot... Bands, to a larger or smaller extent, tried to promote merchandise with means like the following A4 photocopied page. "Xeroxed" we use to say...
I've already published one such by Asylym (see rel. page) and this one, I recently found by chance in an old Play Dead vinyl I played.

To date this flyer, the vinyl in which it was found is not relevant. The video which is mentioned was released in 1985 and this should be the proper date of the flyer too.

Play Dead was a british band from Oxford who made a handful of excellent releases (LP's and 12") before they sank into oblivion. They found amusing, like a few notorious others (...) to deny their gothic rock tag. They often had a very melodic vocal line amidst a maelstrom of sharp guitar sounds. They must have been Killing Joke fans I believe... A very underrated band which I adore and I think are worth to be rediscovered...
There is still an unofficial page with lots of info about them if you care: 

How I love to discover accidentally such little treasures...


  1. One of the best (pre)Goth bands of all!
    Find live photos of the band here:

  2. Great Blog!I've been searching for a particular song with the lyrics " I made a deal with the devil, I made a little deal." It's either punk,post-punk or goth. I also tried to google the lyric with no luck. I had heard the song back in 1986 and have had a hard time finding it. If you know or have any leads or ideas your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rocco