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Monday, April 23, 2012

'80s dark wave from North Greece!

21rst April is internationally celebrated as Record Store Day.
Greek record shop "Lotus" in North Greece (Thessaloniki) has for the occasion released this very interesting set of 45's as a boxset or as separate items.
Under the general title "Dark Wave, Post Punk & Proto-Electro from North Greece", it's a series of 3 -vinyl only- 7" singles, each with studio and live recordings from '80s greek underground bands of the area.
Superbly packaged it's an important and respectable effort worth checking and having...
Read some of the press release:

  In an effort to take active part in the recently established Record Store Day celebration, whilst also participating in the formation of the puzzle that captures the underground music of Greece in the 80s, we decided to issue three 7'' singles.
  All bands featured on these editions stem from the north of the country and, in our view, constitute primary examples of the post-punk sound, as well as, some of the most distinct aesthetic directions set out at the time, not only musically, but also in broader cultural and social directions, as they were all part of a culture which diffused both in the streets and in the social life.

For more info check here:
Hear the tracks here:

Box set cover

Singles covers

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