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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Southern/Death/Cult family tree

A very big thanks to you all my dear readers, as we've now passed the 10.000 hits threshold...
Cheers to that!

OK back to business!
We all know that gothic rock sprang from people who were into '77 punk or related to it.
While digging in my collection I fell upon a Cult promo-cd, in which I discovered this 
family tree folio.
It was compiled by a certain Pete Frame on the behalf of Beggars Banquet. 
It is of great interest as one can see -beyond Cult fans-, details about other artists past lives!
(double click on it to read better)

Yes it's him! A certain mr. Morrissey was a punk singing for awhile, for the Nosebleeds in 1978 along with Billy Duffy!!!  The legend goes that he was also one of the founding members of the legendary british Cramps fan club "Legions of the Cramped" !

Factory's -less known- solo artist Vini Reilly was also a Nosebleed punk guitarist!
He is the one in the scarlet dot...

Now for more hardcore S.D.Cult afficionados here's Theatre of Hate 's roster while it still
comprised Billy Duffy (far right) and Nigel Preston who after a short year in Sex Gang Children joined the Cult in 1983.

Ritual was the band that provided the Cult their first bassist (while a guitarist!)
photo by (probably!) Paul Rab John - am I right? 

This is In Excelsis. Check the chart to see what they were about!

Here's Getting The Fear = S.D.Cult - Ian Astbury!
The main offspring of S.D.C. except for the obvious Cult. 
Handsome aren't they here on the front cover of the notorious Zig-Zag mag back in May '84?
Thanks to Cactus Mouth Informer crew for that one! 

That's for all for now!
Stay tuned...


  1. Geez, that Southern Death Cult/The Cult family tree is ridiculous! Its even more complicated than the famous Death Side family tree:

  2. Oh, and I knew all about His Morrisseyness singing for a punk band before The Smiths. But is that really a photo of him?!?!? Completely unrecognizable! I'd love to hear what his singing and lyrics were like then.

  3. yes thats my photo of jamie , taken at a ritual gig in a Birmingham pub supporting Sex Gang Children/. Paul