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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Marionettes (Less known Bands)

Totally underrated band formed in England around 1986 under the initial name "the Screaming Marionettes". They released two singles under this name in 1987 and 1989, whose tracks appeared later in their first LP as "the Marionettes".

A quator revolving mostly around the eccentric looks of Sean Cronin (lead vocalist) and Baz Downes (bass) who wrote most of the music and lyrics. They released four LPs and a fistfull of 7",12"and EP's until 1998.

The first two albums, "Ave Dementia" (1990) and "The Book of Shadows"(1992) were an example of absolutely awesome gothic rock full of guitars, dark vocals and passion styled with a pinch of punk. Excellent goth-n-roll really worth listening to if you haven't yet! 

Like several other similar acts after enjoying some success in the gothic club realm, they moved towards a more metal sound with their last two LP's "Rise" (1995) and "Carousel"(1998).

Baz Downes passed a few years ago and Sean Cronin is out there somewhere... lost in the drift...

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  1. Ave Dementia is such a classic on every count. I once read a review of it that described as midway between classic '80s goth in the vein of the Sisters and the Fields, and New Wave of British Heavy Metal like Diamond Head and Savage. I'd say that's pretty spot-on. I mean, these fellas wrote insanely excellent songs.