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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Mission of Calligraphy

As I can't wait any longer to post it, I complete this while still in Amsterdam, my honorable readers...

Finally, who was responsible for the fantastic calligraphy on the Mission's "Carved in Sand" (+ singles) and "Grains of Sand" LP's, both out on 1990?

If you carefully look at the inner sleeve notes, it is accredited to DKB.
Behind this company name hides british graphic designer and now painter, Keith Breedan, born 1956.
Breeden along with Malcom Garret started working together in 1977 at Assorted Images design studio. 
As can be read in his website info, he formed DBK in 1984 which is also responsible for sleeves for other 80's bands and artists like ABC, Talk Talk, Duran Duran, Cockney Rejects, Spear of Destiny, Bryan Ferry e.a.

The -now turned painter- designer is actually a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in Britain.
The particular script  font that was used for the Mission purposes only, back then, was all exclusively handwritten with italian ink on paper.

There is no digital stock font version as far as I know yet and this endeavor remains to my eyes the finest typographic effort that gothic rock sleeves of the era, have ever provided us with. Fantastic stuff that the Mission have fortunately started using again! 

Worth checking his website:
He is surprisingly enough, also responsible for the sculptures seen on Pink Floyd's "The Division Bell" cover and inlays in 1994.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Off to XXX...

Hi everyone!
I'm still in Amsterdam for business and I 'll be back on the 20th...
Till then take a vintage picture to remember...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Gothic clubs of the 80's / The Joint

A new series has begun here!
Old original gothic clubs of the 80's from around the globe (well, back then they weren't everywhere...)
If you wish to send material and pics from such clubs please, be my guest!
We start with a clipping I found in an old Zig-Zag issue from 1984!
The Joint in Milton Keynes. Imagine or remember!
Interesting playlist too...