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Thursday, November 24, 2011

80's goth bands logos pt.II (Sisters of Mercy)

During this early period, goth bands -like most respectful to themselves bands of the 70's- developed a taste for not only a logo (which includes the font for writing in a distinct way the name of the band) but also for a symbol. I think it presents a certain interest, so lets see as many cases as we can...

One of the most notorious logos of all goth history.
Recognizable, effective, successful.
Actually this is not really the band's logo but their own record 
company's  Merciful Release logo!
It also appears on the early singles labels of other bands
that had signed to M.R. like the March Violets, Salvation and 
James Ray and the Performance!
But it got associated only to the Sisters, I think mainly due 
to the success of the band and its consistent use 
in every single release, t-shirts etc.

It's roots go back to 1858 and Henry Gray's anatomical studies.
Here's the proof...

During the mid 1990's it got replaced by the following (lame) version... 
This new version also marked the downfall of the mighty Sisters.

One more thing.
We all know Eldritch and Craig were Motorhead fans.
Is it only my idea that the SOM logo got somewhat influenced by 
Lemmy's gang logo?

To be continued...


  1. παραθέτω κεφάλι Sisters:

  2. Thanks a lot Alan...
    Will update!