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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Bela Lugosi's dead" 12" backside image origin

In 1920 Robert Wiene released the movie "Das cabinet des Dr. Caligari".
It's a silent horror movie that belongs to the German Expressionistic film era.
It's mood is very intense and it's no wonder arty aesthetes as Bauhaus where influenced by it - definitely a must see. 
In the climax of the plot the zombie-like Cesare, assistant to the evil Dr. Caligari kidnapps the beautiful Jane - girlfriend of Francis (the hero) - and a hunt of course, follows...
This is the still from the hunt scene

and just as he goes down the bridge

this is the poster

and this is the use Bauhaus did in the backcover of their first release “Bela Lugosi’s dead".

It perfectly suits the mood!
Well done. 

Check wikipedia if you need some more info on the movie.

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