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Thursday, January 12, 2012

80s goth bands logos pt.VI (The Rose of Avalanche)

OK the Roses were up to a point an interesting band. They've released very good tracks. 
I don't think their intension was ever to copy the Sisters but some songs reflect that a lot.
A thing the Sisters brought up was to have a logo that was supposed to represent their own label but was used so heavily that it got transformed into the band's own symbol. 
In the Roses case we have -according to their bio that can be found here: ( the opposite. 
The bands logo turned into their own and only label's symbol.
What's odd is that even in their early 12" on different labels, that rose thing appeared on the left upper corner of the back sleeve with the single word "Avalantic" beneath.

So it was used on almost all their  releases even before their "Avalantic" label logo days that started in late 1988. I couldn't find it on their "In Rock" LP sleeve as this was released without the band's permission in 1987 by Fire records. Also on an earlier release of "First Avalanche" LP by italian label Contempo in 1985. I recommend this band to those who still ignore them.

Stay tuned for more...

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