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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dead Can Dance's Resurrection

DCD came back this year with an excellent LP titled "Anastasis"
Anastasis means "resurrection" in greek. It is quite striking how many things in this new LP
refer to Greece. Brendan plays bouzouki on the record and on stage and they cover an old greek "Rembetiko" song when live ("Ime prezakias" = "I'm a junkie").
Also "Kiko" is purely based on a  "Zeibekiko" (greek traditional male dance) rhythm.
Additionally 3 more tracks from the LP bear greek words as titles.
Agape = "Love"
Anabasis = "Ascension"

Greece is on the charts again...!

Here's a shot from their recent concert in North Greece...

photo by Stef Diakaki

... and here's a handmade A4 poster from the summer of 1984 and a flyer for the same event...

Check the funny and enthusiastic comments for the upcoming Cabaret Voltaire gig on the poster's lower part...

Stay tuned!

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