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Monday, March 26, 2012

Death Cult and a weird & famous photographer

Tim Page is a self taught English photojournalist whose work became famous mainly due to his Vietnam war shots. He was the sort of guy who would walk without a care in the frontline and do all sort of dangerous things for a good photo. Careless and captured by the excitement of battle and the drugs he used to take, he would frequently venture where other professionals would not. 
Wikipedia reports that he was wounded four times in battle in the '60s - one of them almost sending him to an early grave. His daring and unusual personality -worth investigating- is rumored to have inspired the photojournalist's character in Coppola's masterpiece "Apocalypse Now" in 1979.
Why do we bother with him?
He's the one who shot the aerial photo that appears on Death Cult's "Brother's Grim" EP cover in 1983.
Not a surprising choice knowing Ian Astbury's fascination with the 1970's and the Nam saga...
See his page here:

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