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Friday, November 25, 2011

80's goth bands logos pt.III (Fields of the Nephilim)

During this early period, goth bands -like most respectful to themselves bands of the 70's- developed a taste for not only a logo (which includes the font for writing in a distinct way the name of the band) but also for a symbol. I think it presents a certain interest, so lets see as many cases as we can...

This early logo accompanied all their releases from “Returning to Gehenna” in 1986  till “The Nephilim” album in 1988. It’s a detail from the opening scenes at  the train station, just before the fight, of Sergio Leone’s 1968 movie “╬čnce upon a time in the west”.

After that McCoy proved unable to make up his mind. 
A series of magic circles appeared only to be replaced by another shortly after 
in some other release.

"The Nephilim"  first magic circle was designed by the mighty Chris Bigg, a long time assistant to Oliver Vaughan who created the wonderful pictorial world of 4AD sleeves.

The others were designed probably both by Bigg and by in house Nephilim design studio Sheer Faith. 
Here are some...

(I'll) Keep talking...

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